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Online Casino Tournaments make for a fun alternative to conventional online casino game play. By playing in online casino tournaments including slots tournaments, video poker, blackjack and other casino tournaments you'll have the opportunity to play other casino players at the casino for preset prizes. Sometimes the entry fees are free but in in general even if they're not they'll be minimal. Learn more about casino tournaments. Learn more about online casino tournaments here »

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More About Online Casino Tournaments

If you're interested in playing online casino tournaments it's important to understand exactly what they are and how they work. Casino tournaments are a means of bringing all the players within the base of players available at an online casino and allowing them to participate in a fixed prize competition known as a tournament. The most popular of the online casino tournaments and ones found here on Casino People are slots tournaments. Although blackjack and video poker tournaments do exist there's no doubt that the slots variety are the most common and demanded by players. Generally the prize pool that is being played for is the cumulative total of entry fees and re-buys after the online casino has taken their rake for hosting the tournament. The best of the online casino tournaments typically to indulge in are the ones where the casino guarantees a certain prize value. So far we've found that these are most common with casinos that are powered by Vegas Technologies software although Microgaming casinos also offer these kinds of tournaments.

Understanding the Casino Tournaments Table Found Here

Type - This represents the type of tournament that is being hosted. Essentially there are two different types of tournaments that can be entered into and played. These are the "Scheduled" and "Sit and Go" type tournaments. The Scheduled tournament is one which has a set started time and end time, whereas the sit and go type tournaments can be entered into at any point and left whenever you so desire. As you can see scheduled tournaments that are marked as "Started" are ones that have already been initiated, however these are still tournaments that can be entered into for a piece of the total prize pool.

Game or Name - This represents either the name of the game or the name of the tournament being featured.

Start Date -This value represents the start date of the tournament. This date does not mean that the tournament is over. Tournaments that have been completed are purged from this list and no longer displayed.

Entry - This represents the amount is costs to enter into a particular tournament.

Prize Pool - Represents the prize of the tournaments.

Info - The (i) button if hovered over will reveal further details about specific tournaments being hosted.

Review - This link will take you to a full review of the online casino featuring the tournament.