When to Stand in Blackjack with Values of 17 or 18

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Online blackjack players can enjoy a number of online blackjack variations, although no matter which variation the player may choose, basic blackjack strategy can and should be used. Players should make sure to master blackjack strategy in order to ensure that they give themselves the best chance of winning.

There are, however, some common questions that online blackjack players have, such as whether the player should always stand when having hands of 17 or 18, or not. The question is whether the player should stand no matter what the dealer has turned up, or if the player should make a more informed and educated decision.

Those with online blackjack experience will tell players that the answer to this question can be found in basic blackjack strategy charts.

Basic blackjack strategy charts do not suggest that players always stand on all 17s and 18s. Basic strategy charts tell players to hit, or take another card, if the hand totaling 17 is a hand that has an Ace in it, and is therefore a soft 17.

The strategy card also instructs players who have an 18, that when it is a soft 18, that players should not stand, but should rather hit. However, with a soft 18, this is not always the case. Basic blackjack strategy dictates that if the dealer has a 2, a 7, or an 8 showing, that the player should rather make the choice to stand, and not accept any more cards in that hand.

Players should remember that they can always play free online blackjack games at almost all online casinos, and that they should do so until they are comfortable that they have mastered basic blackjack strategy. Once a player has mastered basic blackjack strategy, and can make their choices within a reasonable amount of time, from deciding whether to draw another card, or to stand, and how to place their wagers, they are then ready to play for real money.

Once a player begins to play online blackjack for real money, there are more options and possibilities, such as some of the online blackjack variations, but probably the most exciting choice that the player might make, when they feel they are ready for it, is to play live dealer online blackjack. Not all online casinos offer live dealer blackjack, and other online live dealer games, however more and more online casinos have begun to offer live dealer games since they have become very popular with online casino players.

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