Online Slots Guide

Regardless of the type of slot machine game you play you can rest assured that amongst all the games available at casinos whether they be online or offline is the simplest to understand and play. From 3 reel single line slots to multiline slots this game was designed with the intention of allowing it's players to sit back relax and push a couple buttons. Below we've outlined some basic rules for slots including how paylines work and other great information to help you to learn and understand how to play. If you'd like to view another site with great information about online slots you may like to visit a guide we here at CasinoPeople would like to recommend to visitors of our site.

Slots Rules

Slot machines go as far back as 1895, which was invented by Charles Fey, but it became a hit only after 12 years since it was invented. Charles Fey, the inventor, partnered with Mills Novelty, which manufactured the first of the slot machines. More than a century after, the slots continues to make waves in the gaming industry, and there appears to be more slot themes to come. Casinos never seem to run out of ideas of reinventing slot machines.

The rules for online slots games may be different from one game to another, depending mostly on the software behind these slots. But if you happen to be playing slots games from one developer, one is most likely to find that the rules are much more similar, except probably for the themes. Take for example Playtech, a developer of online games which came up with a good line of online casinos where games are more or less similar.

When looking for online slots to play, you will want to go for slots with the best winning symbol combinations. There are different characteristics of slot machines, and payouts will also differ in amount. But if you happen to be a beginner, slots games are very simple to follow. To get started, the rules on how to play the game will usually be the following steps. First thing to do is to place your bets, and you will find buttons to do that such as Insert Money or something similar. The coin bets may be increased or decreased depending on the range of coin bets a player prefers. Usually, the buttons may be a plus and a minus, while other casinos will give you the Bet Max option which simply means you can bet the maximum amount with just one click of the mouse. There would be credit boxes to allow the player to see how much they have bet on the game.

When satisfied with the bet, players can start hitting on the Spin button and wait for the reels to stop. Generally, payout tables are available, and a Help or FAQ section will help you calculate the right payout for a specific winning combination. In some slots games, you can even change the settings of the game from as simple to turning the sounds on or off to as complex as setting up automatic play. With auto play option, one can walk away from the game and will continue running according to specified number of spins. So if you want to play a game of poker at the poker room while letting the slot reels spin, you can do so. This is simply amazing since players are not stuck with the game if they want to do something else at the same time. Of course, the rules of the casino also apply to the slot games one wishes to play. Be sure to read the rules to better understand the slots, especially the payouts. If you should have trouble, casinos have support staff to help out.

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