Online Craps Guide

Craps is a fun game to play both online and at land based casinos. Many players find it intimidating to play craps at land based casinos if they're not familiar with the rules of the game. Knowing and understanding craps can be very rewarding as it's a very social game when played at land based casinos. Found below are the rules of craps as well as strategy for craps to help you become a better player. In our opinion there's no better way craps then online as you can practice from the comfort of your own home until such a point that you're comfortable in going out and playing at real land based casinos.

Craps Rules

One exciting game when you visit the casino would be craps. Here, one can hear many individuals yelling at a craps table, further increasing the excitement around the table. You may wonder why some players seem to think that this game is quite difficult when it is not. It is time to master the rules of craps to be able to start enjoying the game and join in the yells by the craps table.

In a table for craps, it can take up to a maximum of 20 players where one can each get the opportunity to shoot the dice or take turns to throw the dice. But if you prefer to simply watch how a player shoots the dice and bet on the turn out, then that can also be arranged. There are different bets that you can choose to make. The bets are pass line bet, come bet, odds on come bet, don’t pass line bet, odds on pass line bet, don’t come bet, field bet, Big Six/Eight bets, place bet and proposition bets.

Pass line bets are those which wins if Seven or Eleven (also called natural) is rolled on the initial or come out roll. You will lose this bet if it turns out to be 2, 3 or 12 (also called craps). If the following numbers are rolled 4-7 and 8-10 (known as point), shooter gets to throw the dice several times more until the same point comes out which would result to a win or a 7 which means you lose your bet. Odds on pass line bet can occur if a point is rolled to allow one to place this extra bet where the points have different corresponding payouts. Come bet is similar to pass line bet except that this is made once the point is determined. Odds on come bet is the same as odds on pass line bet but made on the come bet. Don’t pass line bet is opposite the pass line bet where one loses with a natural and wins with a 2 and 3 or end in a push if 12 is rolled. Don’t come bet has reversed rules on come bet then place bets works once the point is out. Field bet is good only for rolls of a single dice. Even bets are on the Big Six/Eight bets while propositions bet are made any time but the hardways.

With craps, dice are used on a craps table. The game has strict rules for the dice, and it used only for about 8 hours, after which, they are replaced with new ones. In addition, casinos also have rules on how players should use them. One rule indicates that players should hold the dice using one hand, and when one is ready to throw them, it should hit the side or wall opposite the player throwing the dice. Should the dice or both fall of the table after being thrown, a stickman will usually inspect them before they are placed on the table to resume play.

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