Online Blackjack Guide

Found here in this section of you'll find casino blackjack rules, strategy and tip information that is applicable to both playing blackjack at online casinos or offline at traditional land based casinos. It's highly recommended that you understand blackjack and understand basic blackjack strategy at the minimum. The reason is quite simply that when playing an basic blackjack strategy properly that the house advantage or edge on blackjack is lowered to less then 1%. So we always suggest to players that they get a firm grasp and understanding of not only the game but strategy too.

Blackjack Rules

One popular table game is blackjack, also known as 21, which is offered in many gambling establishments or casinos. If you are planning to learn the game, then it is the right place to start because it wouldn't help to sit on a table and observe the proceedings without understanding the rules of the game first. It would be advisable to read on the rules to play blackjack so you can start playing the game or at least observe from a distance and be able to follow what is happening and catch on the game early on.

The main objective of the game is getting as close to the value of 21 as possible but without going over this value to beat the dealer’s hand. But before you worry about it, take time to choose the table you would want to play in. The reason for this is because there are different betting limits. Lower limit tables will usually be crowded, so be prepared to wait. Once you have taken your seat, you will need to get chips from the dealer to be able to place bets. During a break from the action, put cash in front on top of the table felt. Buy-in amounts are usually 10-20 times the bet so that, for $5 betting tables, you may want to exchange $50-$100 for chips.

The cards have its own values where numbered cards have the same value as what is showing on it while aces can be 1 or 11, depending on the other cards. And all face cards (jack, queen, king) have value of 10. Ace has two possible values, but the choice depends on what the other card value is, such that a player will always calculate the better hand. In the case of an ace and 9, its value can either be 10 or 20, but because the latter would constitute a better hand, then that is the value of the hand. Depending on your strategy, you can signal the dealer to draw another card until you are satisfied with your hand, provided that you don’t go bust by going over the value of 21.

When playing blackjack, each player is going against the dealer unlike with other table games where a player is pitted against the other players on the same table. The dealer is expected to make 2 passes for each player starting with the one on his left. Once the cards are dealt, each player can then decide how they want to play their cards starting with the one on the dealer’s left.

The dealer will only be able to play a hand according to the rule of the casino. The most common rule is that they should stand on all 17s, which means the dealer will continue to take a hit until his hand totals to 17 or more even if it means going bust. The other variation of this rule for dealers is they only stop after a soft 17. Examples of soft 17s are ace and 6, two aces and 5 as well as ace, 2 and 4.

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