Tumbling Reels in Slot Games

January 10, 2012 | Article Category: Slots


There are a number of exciting features offered to players in online casino slot games. The extra features are particularly welcome when they help the player to increase the number of wins possible, or when they increase the size of the online casino slots win. One of the well known features that players love is free spins, especially those that come with multipliers. There is, however, another great feature known as Tumbling Reels that have also become very popular in online casino slots games.

The online slots feature, Tumbling Reels, has been trademarked by WagerWorks, however, there are now a number of online casino software companies that offer similar features.

The way that Tumbling Reels works is that when a player sees a winning combination on at least one of the enabled paylines, the player will first win whatever that payline is set to pay out, and then the Tumbling Reels will take over. First, the symbols that have just made up the winning slots combination will disappear, temporarily leaving blank spaces on the reels. Almost immediately, new symbols will fall down into the blank spaces. The symbols that are immediately above the blank spaces will drop down to fill in the blanks, and new symbols will be added to any blank spaces that might be left in the top row until all spaces are once again filled with symbols.

Players are then paid out for any new winning combinations that have appeared on the reels as a result of the Tumbling Reels online casino slots feature. The Tumbling Reels will continue until there are no more winning combinations. All the winnings that come from the new combinations that are attained because of the Tumbling Reels, are paid out without the player placing a bet throughout the Tumbling Reels experience. This means that placing one wager can help a player to win multiple times.

Not only is this feature great because players can win more payouts for fewer wagers, the visual effect is fun to watch. Additional excitement is created as players enjoy the suspense to see if there will be any other winning combinations.

In the popular Bejeweled game from CryptoLogic, a similar feature is offered, where new precious stone symbols will take the place of those gems that have already paid out. Although this kind of game is considered to be part of the greoup of online casino slot games, it is fairly different from the standard online casino slots that are usually found.

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