The Come Out Roll in Craps

April 03, 2011 | Article Category: Craps


What is the Come Out Roll?

The Come Out Roll is the first throw of the dice in craps. This roll is particularly significant because the pattern, or direction, of how the game will be played is decided based on the outcome of the Come Out roll. The Come Out Roll is made with two dice.

The Shooter

The player who rolls the dice in craps is the shooter. The shooter will roll the dice for the whole round, until they crap out. The shooter may only use one hand to handle and roll the dice.

The shooter must throw the dice so that both the dice hit the opposite wall of the craps table from which they are thrown. It if happens that either one or both of the dice falls off the table when the shooter is throwing them, an employee of the casino will inspect them before returning them to the table to be used for the game. In order to ensure that the dice are not damaged, and possibly landing on specific numbers more often because of this, the land based casino will change the dice after about eight hours of play.

Possible Come Out Roll Combinations

The Come Out Roll can equal anywhere between two and twelve, which includes all the combinations that a player could roll by using two dice. This means that the game can begin with any of these totals being used to determine the rest of the game.

When a 2 or a 3 are rolled, any player who made a pass line bet will lose it because the game continues with a new round, with a new shooter. When the numbers 4, 5, or 6 are rolled, the number rolled becomes the point number. If a 7 is rolled, the pass line bet is won by those who placed this wager. The values of 8, 9, and 10 all become the point number if they are thrown in the Come Out Roll. If an 11 is rolled, the pass line bet is won, as when a 7 is thrown. As with the numbers 2 and 3, if a 12 is thrown, players who bet on the pass line lose their bets, and play continues with a new shooter in a new round of craps.

After the first roll has been completed, players can continue the game by placing more bets.

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