Strategy for Vegas Strip Blackjack

April 26, 2017 | Article Category: Casino Games


Blackjack is definitely one of the most played games found online and with so many online casinos offering variations, players will have a great selection of games to enjoy. One of the top played variations of blackjack is Vegas Strip, a game that is played with 4 decks. With this game, the dealer will stand on all 17 hands. There are also other rules that players need to be aware of. With Vegas Strip, pairs in a hand can be split to create up to four separate hands and all face cards can be split. However, Aces can only be split one time and players will be limited to receiving just one additional card.

When playing Vegas Strip blackjack or any other version of the game, it is very important for players to make use of some sort of strategy to increase their chances of beating the house. The house will always shave an advantage, so even the best strategy is not a guaranteed way to win when playing for real money. However, proven strategies can reduce the house edge and offer additional opportunities to collect payouts while enjoying the real money version of the game.

For those that are new to this version of the game, it is suggested to take advantage of some free versions, where players can learn all the rules and practice different strategies before they start to wager. Once players are ready to play for money, one of the key tips with this game is to avoid the Insurance option. This option will protect losses against a blackjack by the dealer, but it does increase the house edge by up to 7%, so it is advised to avoid taking Insurance at all times.

Another strategic suggestion is to avoid splitting 10s. If player shave a pair of 10s, it is very tempting to want to split these. Doing this will increase the house advantage and will often result in a loss. Keeping the pair and holding a hand of 20 is a better option. It is also suggested to always split Aces. These cards can be valued 1 or 11, so there is no way to bust on any two card hand that contains an Ace. This is why players should always split these cards to have more chances at winning.

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