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February 01, 2017 | Article Category: Casino Games


When players choose an online casino and head to the table and card games, they will be quite impressed with the games and variations that are offered. One game that appeals to many players is Red Dog a game that is a variation of poker that can be played for real money online. This game is one of the simplest table games offered and it is presented at casinos that use popular software. The game is played with a single deck of cards and the cards are ranked normally, with an Ace being the highest card possible. Once players place a bet, two cards will be dealt on the table, both face up. If these cards are the same value, a third card us deals. Should this also be the same value, players will win a 12x payout on their bet amount. If this does not happen, players will choose to call or double the bet and wins are awarded based on the paytable.

The spread between the cards is what will determine the reward earned. A one card spread offers a 5:1 payout, a spread of 2 offers a 4:1 payout, a spread of three has a 2:1 reward and a spread of 4 through 11 will offer even money returns. The spread is determined by how many card ranks are between the displayed cards. If the dealer draws a card that is not between the values of the first two cards, the bet will be lost.

When playing Red Dog, players can use strategy to increase their chances of winning. Basic strategy will tell players there is a 50% chance of winning if the spread is 7 or more. If this is the case, players should always double their bet on spreads of 7 or ore and call on other spreads. Even though spreads with fewer cards have a higher payout, the probability of winning is much less, so it is best to call on these spreads.

Most casino software developers will offer the game with a single deck, presenting a house edge of 2.67%. Since the house edge is rather low, this game is great for bonus wagering. Some providers will allow players to choose how many decks are used in the game and if players choose 8 decks the house edge is reduced to 2.34%. With 8 decks, there is a better chance of getting the first three cards of the same rank, offering the 12x payout, so players should always play with as many decks as possible.

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