Player Verification at Online Casinos

February 16, 2012 | Article Category: Online Casinos


All online casino players who sign up for reputable and trustworthy online casinos will need to undergo a player verification process. This process is both for the online casino's protection and for the player's protection. Online casinos need to verify the age of the player, the identity of the player and the address of the player.

Online casinos have been looking for ways to streamline this process. Although some online casinos still ask for documents that will certify the above information, there are now often agencies that are used for this process. These specialist independent agencies can provide the verification needed for the online casino if the player has provided them with the necessary documents. This means that a player can sign up with more than one online casino, and the same verification company could be used to streamline the process.

There are some companies that do this verification process for the online casinos, making the whole process far more convenient for both the online casino and the individual online casino player. Players are able to log in to the website of the independent verification company, and upload the necessary documents showing the proof of address, age and identity. Players are then provided with a unique access code. This access code needs to be given to the participating online casinos when the player wishes to sign up with them. The online casino will then have access to all the necessary documents to continue to process the new online casino player.

The online casino only has access to the player's information for the amount of time that the player allows them to. Once the online casino has seen the documents, and either accepts or rejects the player based on what they have seen, the player can then block the online casino from having access to their personal documents.

For the player, apart from the advantage that the player only needs to send the documents to one central place, there is also the additional security advantage that the online casinos do not keep the information on their own servers. This means that if a player is signed up with four different online casinos that use the player verification company that they have chosen, the information will be kept only in one place, on the verification company's website, reducing the chance of the player's information becoming public if a hacker hacks into an online casino site.

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