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February 15, 2017 | Article Category: Online Casinos


Players who access online casinos and are looking to engage in real money gambling will have to use a supported banking method. Since not every player will have the ability to use a credit or debit card, many sites will support the use of PayForIt, a mobile bill payment service that provides fast and easy transactions. When using this method, players will incur o additional fees and will only cover the deposit amounts made to the casino selected.

PayForIt is a top choice for casual gamblers who make small deposits. The service supports low value transactions, so it is great for those that maintain small budgets at casino sites. To make use of the service, there is no registration process involved. This means that players never have to provide any personal or financial information to gain access to real money games. They simply have to have a valid mobile phone number.

When a deposit is made with this method, the amount is charged to the monthly phone bill and must be paid at the end of every billing cycle. Since players do not need to download any apps or software to use this payment method, it has become top choice for those that want an easy to use option and wish to remain anonymous when gambling online.

PayForIt can be used at any online casino that supports the method and it is selected at the casino cashier. When selected, players will be asked to confirm their deposit amount or they can choose to cancel the transaction. To complete the process, there is either a 1 step or 3 step process that is used. A payment screen will appear where the mobile number will be entered. The next step will require a request from the mobile network operator and finally, the sum will be added to the casino account. That will then be added to the monthly bill or deducted from a prepaid plan.

This form of payment is easy to use and offers a great level of security. It is a top choice for players who do not have access to other popular methods or do not wish to make large transactions to the casino. With PayForIt, no personal information is ever exchanged, making it a perfect solution for players who are seeking top notch privacy.

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