Live Roulette Strategies

April 05, 2017 | Article Category: Roulette


Many players turn their attention to the offering of live dealer games when they are seeking table and card games. These types of casino games offer a feeling of being in a land casino and since the games are played in real time, the replicate a life like experience. Many players who appreciate the thrills of roulette will head to the live tables, where they can find some great game variations from some amazing software providers. With live roulette, players will have the ability to place all of the same bets they would in a land casino and will also benefit from many different betting options. There are some tips that can benefit those that are planning to play this live dealer game and while they may not guarantee any wins, they will surely help players enjoy a better experience and have some better opportunities to collect real money payouts.

The first tip is to choose European Roulette when possible. This game offers decent player odds. However, if a casino is offering French Roulette, this is the best variation of all. With this game, players will get a payout when the zero hits. This game has the lowest house edge of all roulette games online. In regards to European Roulette, this is the common choice since not every casino will have French roulette. High rollers who are looking for the best possible chances to win should take their time to find casino sites that do feature French Roulette as these players will have higher betting limits and more returns.

Many players will feel that progressive bets are the way to go and will fall for these sucker bets. As a rule of thumb, it is best to always avoid progressive bets. The odds of winnings are very low and in many cases, the overall payouts of the main game are also lower when there is a progressive involved. Betting on the progressive will also deplete the bankroll quicker.

Try to avoid betting strategies. These may work in some cases, but they are not proven ways to win. It is best to have a set budget and always adhere to that when playing any live dealer table game. Some altering of bets will liven up the game, but in general, stick to the same bet amounts.

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