Live Baccarat Squeeze

December 28, 2016 | Article Category: Casino Games


Live dealer games have turned the heads of millions of online gamblers and these games present the best experience possible online. Live dealer games are designed to replicate what one would experience at their favorite land casino and with some great software companies designing the games, players will have a great array of choices. Evolution Gaming is one of the opt rated companies that has created live dealer games and in 2016, they rolled out a new Baccarat game. With Live Baccarat Squeeze, players will enjoy an 8 deck baccarat game that offers side bets and mobile gaming options.

This newer game is one that makes the baccarat experience quite enjoyable. Evolution has added more camera views that offer card close-ups. There is also a card squeeze feature, which is unique to the game. The squeeze feature is very popular at land casinos and while it does not change the cards or the game outcome, it does make for a more exciting experience for players. Squeezing the cards is a basic process of revealing the card slowly, to enhance the anticipation on the game.

In this version of Evolution Baccarat, players will enjoy a standard game of Punto Banco and the game payouts and bet types are the same as with the online version of the game. Players start by selecting their bet amount and will then choose to bet on the dealer hand, player hand or a tie hand. The player hand will offer a payout of 1:1, the dealer hand pays 0.95:1 and the tie hand offers a payout of 8:1. In addition to the standard payouts, players can win more with the side bets in the game The Pairs Plus is a basic side bet offering a payout of 11:1. There are also other side bet options that can be enabled, including Player Bonus, Either Pairs, Perfect Pairs and Banker Bonus. These offer odds that can be as high as 200:1 and provide more entertainment and more ways to win.

With Live Baccarat Squeeze, players will benefit from 15 cameras in use, offering more views of the table and a truly life like experience. With the squeeze option to make the game more intense and some great payout opportunities, this newer live Baccarat game has been an instant hit at many online casinos.

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