Benefits and Pitfalls of Multihand Video Poker

April 19, 2017 | Article Category: Video Poker


Video poker is one of the most accessed games at online Casinos and it is one game that offers amazing player advantages. These games often have an RTP that is close to 100%, offering players amazing chances to earn reward with bets that are placed. The key to success is using optimal strategy at all times. Seeing as video poker is so popular, many online casinos offer variations of the game, including the chance to play multiple hands at the same time. Multi-hand video poker offers more excitement and additional chances to win, but it can also cause some great losses since players have to place higher total bet amounts to cover all hands in play.

Multi-hand games will provide players with increased chance of winning and can improve the overall payouts that are generated. However, players who are not completely familiar with game strategies can find these types of games to deplete the bankroll rather quickly. Improper choices can lead to instant losses with video poker, which is why game strategy plays a key role in success for any player. Another downfall is that many players feel it is best to play the maximum number of hands offered in a game. In some cases, that could be 100 hands! If they are not aware that a bet is required for each hand, they could have just lost a lot of money just by placing an initial wager on the max hands.

When choosing how many hands to play with a multi-hand game, there are a few things to consider. First, players need to look at the pay table to determine how many coins they should be betting for the best possible payouts. This is when it is essential to pay attention to the bankroll. The goal is to play for as long as possible to increase the chances of collecting winnings, so this may mean playing fewer hands until some wins are collected, which can allow players to afford to add a few hands to their bet.

Players who have experience with the game and can manage their bankroll will definitely benefit from playing the multi-hand variations of these games. They can offer some amazing payouts and since video poker has a higher RTP than many other casino games, this is a great choice for those looking to boost their bankroll.

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