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Welcome to Casino People an online casino guide dedicated to providing it's users with comprehensive and objective reviews of some of the best online casinos to engage in playing at online. Casino People is more then just an online casino reviews site though. Found here on our site you'll find an assortment of other information pertaining to online casinos and gambling online. This includes online casino news & articles, rules and tips for popular online casino games, reviews of online casino games, lists of casino tournaments, casino forum and message board and more. Learn more about how we select casinos we present on here »

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Posted in Introduce Yourself April 19, 2017


greeting from Canada!!
Posted in Introduce Yourself April 01, 2015

Hello everyone I am new to online casino review forum, I am from Canada.

What is the strategy for poker game??
Posted in Online Casino Discussion March 26, 2015

As I know poker game is not easy to learn.But I know everyone has a strategy for playing poker.So please share thought about...

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With so many online casinos to play at often times players find it difficult to choose which casino to play. Here at Casino People we do our best to select only the highest quality online casinos to take guessing on where to play out of the picture. We've been asked time and time again how we make our picks for the casinos we represent here on our site. Well it's no secret and we're happy to explain our selection process to our visitors. Although we have far more variables then what we'll describe below here are just a few:

Does the casino accept U.S. players? - Although this factor doesn't affect the rating of the casinos or ranking we place on our site in an overly negative way we respect those casinos out there that still do accept US players and more importantly those that accept US player from most States. Since the passing of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) on October 13, 2006 many online casinos no longer operate in the US. Many still do and you can see them represented throughout our site with a US flag looking like this () and those that do not are represented by an icon like this (). Additionally we have a list of top quality US online casinos here with bonus information and other info you may find useful.

Is the casino trustworthy? - We feel like there are several factors that should be used to gauge whether or not an online casino can be trusted. Some of the factors we use to decide whether we feel an online casino can be deemed trustworthy include the following: quality of software, software reputation, licensed, audited payout percentages, RNG & game certification and any other accrediting certification that can help boost the trust level of the casino.

Does the casino have any dirt on them? Most issues surrounding the dirt about online casinos comes from disgruntled online casino players who have issues with bonuses and the pace at which their winnings are paid out to them. Both of which are very valid and things we take very seriously. If a casino isn't providing the bonuses they promise or not doing so in a timely manner then we consider this to be false advertising and don't want anything to do with them. On the second issue there's nothing we hate more then casinos that take their sweet time to payout winnings. Winnings at online casinos should be paid out in a timely manner and casinos that don't adhere to that we don't respect and would not list here on our site.

Although the factors discussed above are some of the main factors we use when deciding on which online casinos we choose to represent. We do have several other factors which are more in depth then the ones discussed above but hopefully this will give you a good enough understanding of some of the variables we look at.

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